Hack Your Motivation for Better Weight Loss

Me at my heaviest, me now, and and edited photo 0of me for motivation

As we have discussed previously it can be very hard to maintain self-control and motivation.  One thing that has worked for me is to make the far off future seem more immediate and more real.  Make it more hot.I have these three photos hanging above my desk to help me everyday with my motivation.  Seeing the difference between the first and the second helps me realize how much progress I have already made.  The photoshopped third photo is one that helps me make the potential of my weight loss more real, which in term helps to keep me motivated.  Despite being a h0bbyist photographer, I am not comfortable in photoshop, and you do not need to be in order to use this technique.

There is a website called fiverr where people offer to do simple jobs for you starting at just five dollars (six the processing fee).  I actually used fiverr to get my logo for this site! However, after reading The Marshmallow Test I really started to believe that compliance with a diet would improve if people had a better version of the potential benefits of the changes in their health.  Most of the changes obviously can’t be seen, but people are going to motivated by seeing what they can see in the mirror.  So I started browsing and found that there are many sellers who offer this service.

This is the one I used and I can highly recommend this seller, they did an excellent job as you can see above, charged only five dollars for the service and more than that, were courteous and professional in every interaction.  You may use a different one, but I got excellent from this seller.

After you get the picture back it is helpful to hang it in a very visible place.  It helps keep you accountable and makes it more likely for you to stick to your goals.  Try it out.  Worse case scenario you are out five dollars.

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