The world is awash with diet advice.  Eat paleo, or maybe vegan, Atkins? Despite this multitude of diet advice there is still an inescapable obesity problem.  More than one third of United States adults are obese according to the CDC.  This has an estimated medical cost of $147 Billion.  There is no doubt that there is a fundamental problem with the American diet, but the solution seems murky.

The simple goal of this site is to use scientific reasoning and research to try to understand the truth about diet and nutrition.  This will include analysis of popular diets and attempts to break down the research to try to suss out the essential nutrition facts.

I have a feeling that you are wondering why you should trust my information over any other blogger on the internet.  And there are a lot of bloggers out there all who claim to have the secret cure.  Unfortunately, there is no secret cure.

I’m a biochemistry and pre-medicine double major at Augustana College in Illinois planning to head to medical school.  My passion is human nutrition and I especially love research analysis, and those are the skills I will use to attempt to form a diet grounded in scientific principles.  There will be no quick tricks, no magic bullets, and it will almost definitely require effort, but I think we can come close to an optimal diet.

Despite my passion for nutrition I am currently obese.  One of my goals is to find a diet that will effectively allow me to lose weight after I have failed countless times before.  However, this will not just be a diet for weight loss, but instead for long term sustainable health.

Mission Statement: To provide clear nutritional insights grounded in science.

Current Stats:

Age: 20

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 251.6

BMI: 35.1

In short I’m Class 2 obese, and this is down 50 pounds from the peak I was at two years ago.  I played offensive line for ten years and just retired.  Because of this I have eating habits meant for a very specific goal.  This goal is not congruent with general health and so it’s time for a change

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